UTORG Workshop: Data Science in Python

Join us for our next online workshop “Data Science in Python“, followed by a 30-minutes socialization and Q&A session. This course is part of the AI & Optimization Crash Course Series. Registration is free but required for all participants. A Zoom link will be sent out to the email provided in the registration form.

When: October 21st-22nd at 5-6 pm EDT (GMT -4)
Instructor: Javad Soltani Rad (Bio)

‌‌Day 1 topics:

      •  Data visualization in Python
      •  Introduction to Machine Learning (ML)
      • Preparing data for ML models
      • Classification example in Python

Day 2 topics:

      •  Regression example in Python
      •  Unsupervised Learning (clustering) example in Python
      • Introduction to Deep Learning
      • Python tools for industrializing ML applications

Click here for registration.