Lunch Talk: Simulation model to assess the impact of a centralized scheduling policy for imaging procedures in Ontario

The University of Toronto Operations Research Group (UTORG) is hosting a lunch talk by Christian Silva. The talk is entitled “Simulation model to assess the impact of a centralized scheduling policy for imaging procedures in Ontario”. Lunch and coffee will be provided. Hope to see you there!

Who: Christian Silva, MASc, University of Toronto


When: Wednesday, July 18th @ 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Where: MB101

Bio-sketch: Christian is a MASc student in his final year under the supervision of Prof. Michael Carter at the University of Toronto. His area of study is the application of Operations Research in Healthcare. His thesis is a discrete event simulation model to test a new policy to reduce the wait time for imaging procedures. During his master’s degree, he has been involved as TA in multiple courses related to Simulation, Operations Research, and Operations Management, which are the areas of his main interest. Before starting his graduate studies, he worked for 5 years in Logistics and Process Improvement for retail and airlines. Upon graduation, he will join a fintech company as Process Manager.

Abstract:  Due to constrained capacity, wait times for imaging procedures in Ontario hospitals are frequently higher than the provincial target. A new approach that centrally schedules outpatients and assigns them between different locations is expected to be more efficient. Discrete event computer simulation was used to evaluate the impact of this approach by comparing individual hospital models versus a centralized model with imaging demand data from two Ontario hospitals. Results show that the proposed policy can lead to shorter wait times in the system. We also analyzed the different variables that drive better system performance. Final recommendations are given on the real-life application of this policy.