Lunch Talk: On the symbiosis between operations research and process mining: the story of automated model simplification

Who: Arik Senderovich, Lyon Sachs postdoctoral fellow, University of Toronto


When: Thursday, June 21st @ 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Where: BA8256

Abstract:  Process mining is a rapidly evolving research field that aims at discovering process models, such as queueing networks and stochastic Petri nets, from transactional data. On the one hand, process mining creates models that can be used for operational analysis (e.g. staffing and wait time estimation). On the other hand, operations research methods can be used to improve process discovery.

This talk will mainly focus on the inter-relations between process mining and operations research through the story of automated model simplification. We shall demonstrate how queueing theory and combinatorial optimization can be applied in order to improve the quality of discovered process models.