Lunch Talk: Improving imaging wait times at the Emergency Department: a discrete event simulation based approach

The University of Toronto Operations Research Group (UTORG) is hosting a lunch talk by Deyvison Baia Medeiros. The talk is entitled “Improving imaging wait times at the Emergency Department: a discrete event simulation based approach”. Lunch and coffee will be provided. Hope to see you there

Who: Deyvison Baia Medeiros, MASc. candidate, University of Toronto


When: Thursday, November 22nd @ 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Where: BA8256


Bio-sketch:  Deyvison Baia Medeiros is a MASc. candidate in Industrial Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Michael Carter at the University of Toronto. His research interests focus on the application of Operations Research methods to the healthcare industry. His current work at Sunnybrook hospital involves creating a discrete event simulation model to investigate potential ways of reducing wait times for emergency imaging procedures. Prior to his current work, he was engaged in research at the University Health Network (UHN) where he developed a discrete event simulation to assist with capacity planning decisions for mental health services in the emergency department. Part of his work at UHN has recently been published at the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Abstract:  Diagnostic imaging has become increasingly important for treating emergent patients and preventing crowding in the emergency department (ED). To improve timely access to radiology services at Sunnybrook hospital’s ED, a discrete event computer simulation was used to evaluate scenarios which may lead to shorter wait times. Demand fluctuations, staff scheduling and process simplifications which can be obtained by implementing standard computed tomography protocols are among the scenarios tested with the model. Practical recommendations, supported by simulation findings, are given on how to implement changes to attain better wait times.