This week’s blog entry is written by Tiffany Bayley, an PhD student in the Management Sciences department at the University of Waterloo. She is currently president of the CORS Waterloo Student Chapter and contributes to an awesome photo-blog.

As one of Professor Bookbinder’s students, I have learned quite a bit about his research, and how it has evolved since the beginning of his academic career. His earlier publications include topics such as school-bus routingscheduling in urban transitcomparison of railroad performance, and decision systems to aid exports. Now, Dr. Bookbinder’s main interests focus on international logistics and inventory-transportation trade-offs, as illustrated by his edited volume, Handbook of Global Logistics: Transportation in International Supply Chains. He has co-authored numerous articles on shipment consolidationvendor-managed inventoryglobal supply chainscross-docking, and the impact of discounts in the inventory setting. His widespread knowledge and expertise in these areas has greatly shaped his students’ research, while providing them with ample opportunities to further explore and develop ideas in other areas of supply chain management.

Professor James H. Bookbinder has served as President of the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS) and as Chair of the Transportation Science/Logistics Section of INFORMS. He joined the University of Waterloo after a decade in industry (he was the Director of Operations Research for the Toronto Transit Commission), during which he was a part-time Lecturer at the University of Toronto. That teaching experience helped him transition to the classroom at the Waterloo, while his industrial practice has shaped the research he undertakes.

He continues to work with companies through WATMIMS, allowing students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained throughout their courses to real-life applications. The interaction with private-sector firms influences the projects he assigns in his courses, the thesis topics that his graduate students pursue for their research, and the industrial positions for which they are hired. Recently, a 4th-year student group that Dr. Bookbinder supervised won the 2012 National Student Paper Award of Supply Chain and Logistics (SCL) Canada for their work with Nestlé Canada.

Dr Bookbinder will be speaking at the University of Toronto on Friday February 8, 2013 from 3-4 PM as part of the UTORG Distinguished Speaker Series.

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